Minimizing site and email costs

Despite the fact I have virtual server now, I tried to find cheapest way to have an email and a web page. What I need is:
  • email and web page in my domain
  • unlimited transfer (or big)
  • disk space enough just to not worry about a capacity
I decided to use Google Apps. Free version is enough for now. 7,5GB Gmail in my own domain name was quite easy when I had ability to edit DNS records. I know many companies which uses this solution with success.

Last goal was a web page. I prefferred wordpress so far, but or own virtual server is related with costs. Google Sites was interesting, but after some tests, this option became least flexible. I have no time to master App Engine, which I think is most flexible (maybe in a future), so I decided to try Blogger.

Naked domain

I wanted my blog at "" address. It's important to write "" in both DNS fields: A (for naked domain) and CNAME (for www sub-domain). Make sure you checked "Redirect to" in Blogger Settings -> Publishing -> Advanced Settings -> Your Domain. In other way naked domain (in this case) will not be redirected to


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