Graphic tools

Few words about tools I use during game development. All programs are free, and run on Linux.

Last update of Sum and Blossom brought many animations and graphics changes. There is a lot of seamless background textures. I found a Gimp has a very useful layer transformation. Offset. This helped a lot.
Another tool I use last days is a Color Scheme Designer. It seems to be easy to choose three colors for bubbles and a background but is not. It is very convenient to have additional colors calculated automatically - here is a web page:

MyPaint - I use it with my wacom tablet as a sketch book.

... but final work I have to do using the Inkscape - vector graphics editor. Below a screenshot with a final willow like world selector.
In case of a need of bach conversion I use a magictools. A set of commad line programs that can quickly resize and do other changes in a split of a second.

Bitmap fonts for openGL rendering  are prepared with Hiero. And finally all graphic assets are packed in one bitmap with a TexturePacker - a part of libgdx framework.


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