Reading List

Today at 0:15 I've published first app :-)

Long story short: This is some kind of a "read it later" client. I read a lot using my Motorola Milestone phone. I started writing this app months ago just because I needed something to remember unread links. It is very usefull for me, I hope you will enjoy too.

Below is promotional text and some screenshots:

Save links you want to read or you have read but want to remember. Using browser option "Share page" add links to the Reading List and have a free bookmarks space. Read it later in spare time.

* Add, delete and edit link
* Sort startking with newest
* Automatic page title retrieving (optionally)
* Launch a link in your browser
* Move launched link to the archive automatically
* Move newly added links to the top of the folder if it already existed
* Move links between folders
* Mark selected pages


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